fredag 30. mars 2012

Today I have been doing small adjustments to the shape of the mask. It has some similarities to the Japanese mask, but it is larger, and it has not got such huge eyepits and such a big nose. Next lesson I will have to paint another layer of white paint before I can paint lips, eyes and the Kanji symbols on. I doubt that I am able to finish this assignment due the date.

torsdag 8. mars 2012

Unit 4-Masks

We are now in our 4th unit. In this unit we are going to make a mask with a design from any culture we want to. The masks are going to have a specific meaning to each of us, and we are supposed to have our own unique difference in the mask.

The culture I am inspired by is Japan. The japanese masks have a huge variety in designs and shape.
This is the design I am going to work out from. It is a japanese Noh Chujyo mask which is designed for males.

End of assignment

At this point I had done a lot of paper mache. I had also finished the paper circle which on where I was going to paint the Spotify logo on. I made it by making two circles of cardboard, and then gluing them together. I still had to paint the Spotify logo and the facebook sign.

Here is my finished product. I was quite happy with the outcome of my assignment. I managed to paint the Spotify logo and the Facebook logo in one lesson which is quite good work.

I think in general my sculpture is a good idea and well made, but I think that the pillars to hold the Facebook logo could have been made in a different way instead of using balsawood as pillars. Another thing I actually wanted to do was to paint the chicken wire in the "F" white, so it stands a bit out. The inside could also have been painted white so becomes more outstanding.

The feedback I got was that the sculpture was good, but that it was hard to proceed a meaning of it. The class think it should have been maybe made small people to put inside the Facebook logo in order to make it look more as a prison, or a cage. If the inside of the "F" was white, some small people made of paper would have stand out a lot in the sculpture.

lørdag 4. februar 2012

Unit 3-Pop Art

Pop art is basically popular art, or modern art. It is made up from different shapes or pictures put together to create something new. Sometimes people only change some colors and they have created pop art. All of the art works generally need to have a certain meaning.
Our assignment is to make a piece of pop art. It could either be a picture or a shape so I chose to make a shape.

My idea was that I am going to make a 3-D Facebook logo standing on a small pole on top of a paper disk with the Spotify logo on it. On the Spotify logo I will also write "thanks for stealing our social life". The reason for this is that more and more people spend time on Facebook actually hanging out with people. On the other side, Spotify has all the music you can get, and then people start to walk with earplugs while walking on the street. When you do that, you block out everything that happens around you and it is a chance that you will get hurt from eg. a car that you don't hear.

Here you can see a picture of the framework of my Facebook logo. It is made out of chicken-wire and when it is finished I will cover it with paper maché.

onsdag 7. desember 2011

Second drawing

This was our second task in this unit. We were to produce another drawing with cubism.
This was my result:
The drawing wasn't that good, and to be honest I am not happy with it.
It doesn't fill out the page in a proper way, and it could have been more colors.There isn't a lot of shading which could have filled out the page more.

To be completely honest, I didn't work too hard on it because I got bored, and wanted to do something else.

Yet I think it was a good idea of using the black and white color to make the windows "shine". This allowed to spend less time on drawing the picture itself. Then I didn't have to bother about the details inside the plane

What I think is good is that the plane is quite well drawn, and that I drew it from four different perspectives. I think that the blue color is nice, and it gives a good tone to the drawing. I only spent one and a half hour on drawing it.

The unit has been quite good, but partly boring, because we were doing the same thing over and over again.

torsdag 17. november 2011

First Challenge

 Here I have got a bit into our first task. We were going to make a small cubism picture, where our theme was a guitar set up on a table. On the picture to the right you can see that I have gotten a bit into the drawing. First we drew several straight lines on the paper, and each time we were going to start on a new part of the sheet, we had to change our position to get the whole meaning of cubism to apply. As you can see I have glued on some pieces of newspaper to get an extra touch on the drawing. My next step would be to make shadows on the drawing. When we first drew the picture, we drew it on a white piece of paper, and then  we used a pencil to color in the whole back of it, then it got to be a graphite paper. We then got another piece of grey paper and then we put the white paper on top of it and then we drew over the lines on our first drawing, so the lines got transferred to the second piece of paper. Then we just had to shadow it in.

Now I have started to do some shading, It didn't take that long, and I was quite happy with my product so far.

Here I am completely finished. The shading has been quite successful.
Even though I think it is a quite good drawing, I don't think it has that many familiarities with the picture I chose for inspiration. It is a lot easier to see what it is a picture of when it comes to my drawing, and the colors are a lot darker, because I only used black, grey and white. On my drawing I also used pieces of newspapers, to get an extra "touch" on the drawing. Furthermore I think that my drawing could have included more shapes to fill out the picture in a better way.

onsdag 2. november 2011

Unit 2-Cubism

Picasso The Guitar Player Cubism

This is our second unit. It is a unit where we are learning about cubism, which is a form of art where you can see a person, or a shape from several angles in the same picture. A cubism picture is often quite hard to see what it is trying to show, but it allows each individual to wonder for themselves what the picture might represent, and what it is trying to tell us. Cubism tries to show the different "perspectives" in the world by simply adding several angles of view in the same picture. Pablo Picasso was the first person to actually paint with the style of cubism.

The picture at the left is a picture painted by Picasso. It is a cubism picture and is called 'The Guitar Player'. This is the picture I will use to guide myself through the unit and it will be my inspiration when it comes to how to paint a cubism picture.

mandag 3. oktober 2011


When I chose my icon I wanted to chose a person which I like, so I chose my idol Jason Wade which is the lead singer in the band Lifehouse. The picture I chose was a picture which was only from his shoulders and up so you can easily see who he is.

I printed off the picture in A5 format and divided the picture into squares measuring 1x1 cm. Then I took a sheet of A3 paper and made the equal number of 2x2 cm squares on the A3 sheet of paper as there was 1x1 cm squares on the A5 sheet of paper. What I used to draw my icon was basically a pencil and a eraser, and of course a ruler to make the squares on the papers.
I am very happy with my drawing and to be honest quite proud. I worked a lot on the nose and I finally got it as I wanted it, and the rest of the face is good as well.I am very happy with the neck. I think the shading was good, and it is easy to see why the shading is there.

I spent a lot of time to get the nose and the mouth to look good. The eyes was quite good from the start, but when I got finished with most of the drawing I could see that he was a bit cross-eyed on the drawing so I had to fix that.

I think this was a very good unit and very fun. I am happy with my result and I don't think it made a difference that I came two weeks into the unit.

Final Product

Finally I have completed my drawing :D Please leave me some feedback so I can improve my future drawings :P

torsdag 15. september 2011

Yeah :D Now my drawing is really starting to take it's shape. Even though I am quite happy with the cheeks, I will re-draw a bit on the right side
Does the cheek look better now? The Drawing is getting more alive because of the colors though :D Amazing how this works :D