torsdag 17. november 2011

First Challenge

 Here I have got a bit into our first task. We were going to make a small cubism picture, where our theme was a guitar set up on a table. On the picture to the right you can see that I have gotten a bit into the drawing. First we drew several straight lines on the paper, and each time we were going to start on a new part of the sheet, we had to change our position to get the whole meaning of cubism to apply. As you can see I have glued on some pieces of newspaper to get an extra touch on the drawing. My next step would be to make shadows on the drawing. When we first drew the picture, we drew it on a white piece of paper, and then  we used a pencil to color in the whole back of it, then it got to be a graphite paper. We then got another piece of grey paper and then we put the white paper on top of it and then we drew over the lines on our first drawing, so the lines got transferred to the second piece of paper. Then we just had to shadow it in.

Now I have started to do some shading, It didn't take that long, and I was quite happy with my product so far.

Here I am completely finished. The shading has been quite successful.
Even though I think it is a quite good drawing, I don't think it has that many familiarities with the picture I chose for inspiration. It is a lot easier to see what it is a picture of when it comes to my drawing, and the colors are a lot darker, because I only used black, grey and white. On my drawing I also used pieces of newspapers, to get an extra "touch" on the drawing. Furthermore I think that my drawing could have included more shapes to fill out the picture in a better way.

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