onsdag 2. november 2011

Unit 2-Cubism

Picasso The Guitar Player Cubism

This is our second unit. It is a unit where we are learning about cubism, which is a form of art where you can see a person, or a shape from several angles in the same picture. A cubism picture is often quite hard to see what it is trying to show, but it allows each individual to wonder for themselves what the picture might represent, and what it is trying to tell us. Cubism tries to show the different "perspectives" in the world by simply adding several angles of view in the same picture. Pablo Picasso was the first person to actually paint with the style of cubism.

The picture at the left is a picture painted by Picasso. It is a cubism picture and is called 'The Guitar Player'. This is the picture I will use to guide myself through the unit and it will be my inspiration when it comes to how to paint a cubism picture.

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