lørdag 4. februar 2012

Unit 3-Pop Art

Pop art is basically popular art, or modern art. It is made up from different shapes or pictures put together to create something new. Sometimes people only change some colors and they have created pop art. All of the art works generally need to have a certain meaning.
Our assignment is to make a piece of pop art. It could either be a picture or a shape so I chose to make a shape.

My idea was that I am going to make a 3-D Facebook logo standing on a small pole on top of a paper disk with the Spotify logo on it. On the Spotify logo I will also write "thanks for stealing our social life". The reason for this is that more and more people spend time on Facebook actually hanging out with people. On the other side, Spotify has all the music you can get, and then people start to walk with earplugs while walking on the street. When you do that, you block out everything that happens around you and it is a chance that you will get hurt from eg. a car that you don't hear.

Here you can see a picture of the framework of my Facebook logo. It is made out of chicken-wire and when it is finished I will cover it with paper maché.

1 kommentar:

  1. That's an extremely smart idea. "Thanks for stealing my social life" Awesome quote.

    I can't say much about the art work yet since it's barely a framework, but the idea is good. If you succeed it will be mission succesful.

    Good Luck with a Good Idea