mandag 3. oktober 2011


When I chose my icon I wanted to chose a person which I like, so I chose my idol Jason Wade which is the lead singer in the band Lifehouse. The picture I chose was a picture which was only from his shoulders and up so you can easily see who he is.

I printed off the picture in A5 format and divided the picture into squares measuring 1x1 cm. Then I took a sheet of A3 paper and made the equal number of 2x2 cm squares on the A3 sheet of paper as there was 1x1 cm squares on the A5 sheet of paper. What I used to draw my icon was basically a pencil and a eraser, and of course a ruler to make the squares on the papers.
I am very happy with my drawing and to be honest quite proud. I worked a lot on the nose and I finally got it as I wanted it, and the rest of the face is good as well.I am very happy with the neck. I think the shading was good, and it is easy to see why the shading is there.

I spent a lot of time to get the nose and the mouth to look good. The eyes was quite good from the start, but when I got finished with most of the drawing I could see that he was a bit cross-eyed on the drawing so I had to fix that.

I think this was a very good unit and very fun. I am happy with my result and I don't think it made a difference that I came two weeks into the unit.

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  1. Good evaluation Morgan , btw due date was last week :)

  2. I know, but I went to sweden