torsdag 8. mars 2012

End of assignment

At this point I had done a lot of paper mache. I had also finished the paper circle which on where I was going to paint the Spotify logo on. I made it by making two circles of cardboard, and then gluing them together. I still had to paint the Spotify logo and the facebook sign.

Here is my finished product. I was quite happy with the outcome of my assignment. I managed to paint the Spotify logo and the Facebook logo in one lesson which is quite good work.

I think in general my sculpture is a good idea and well made, but I think that the pillars to hold the Facebook logo could have been made in a different way instead of using balsawood as pillars. Another thing I actually wanted to do was to paint the chicken wire in the "F" white, so it stands a bit out. The inside could also have been painted white so becomes more outstanding.

The feedback I got was that the sculpture was good, but that it was hard to proceed a meaning of it. The class think it should have been maybe made small people to put inside the Facebook logo in order to make it look more as a prison, or a cage. If the inside of the "F" was white, some small people made of paper would have stand out a lot in the sculpture.

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