torsdag 15. september 2011

Yeah :D Now my drawing is really starting to take it's shape. Even though I am quite happy with the cheeks, I will re-draw a bit on the right side
Does the cheek look better now? The Drawing is getting more alive because of the colors though :D Amazing how this works :D

Even further into the drawing

Now the drawing is taking it's shape... His cheeks still looks horrible, so I'm working on that :P


Now I've got a bit into the drawing... What do you think. I know I've been publishing fast, but I have to catch up with the others, so that's why it isn't more than 5 minutes of time between each time I've been publishing :P


Okay :D Here's my Icon. His name is Jason Wade, and he is the Lead Singer of my favorite band, Lifehouse

First Unit

Hi guys! The first unit on this blog is "Icons". We are going to draw  a person of our choise. We are usin a "Grid" technique which means that we are choosing a picture which was around the size of A5, then making 1 cm squares all over the picture. Then we take a A3 sheet and make 2 cm squares, and then we trace the smaller picture. I'll add Pictures later


Hi Guys! My name is Morgan, and this is is my blog for arts at school. I'll put out pictures and information about each unit and how I'm progressing.